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Beautiful cars are our passion, so we specialize in PREMIUM brand cars.

Obviously, the rarer, more unobtainable, or more expensive the car is in Italy, the more it makes sense to look for it abroad.

It is especially advantageous to buy cars from Germany when looking for high-end cars.
The volumes of the German market are approximately double those of the Italian ones; furthermore, there are many more high-end cars compared to mid-range or economical cars.
There is therefore a greater number of cars to choose from, and the German market is economically more competitive than the Italian one.

We usually recommend to our customers the following car advertisement portals which include a large number of adverts: autoscout24 and (extending the search to the entire European market), or autos/c26 where there are many private adverts.
However, there are other portals, some of which are normally dedicated to operators in the sector, which IMPORTAMI AUTO shares with customers to allow for a more in-depth and extensive search (no one else offers you this possibility).

It is possible to search for cars both from private individuals and from dealers, as well as from auctions of former long-term rental vehicles, which are normally not available unless you are a car dealer.

Yes, we can deal with any type of car.

We offer our customers the possibility of carrying out a technical and visual inspection at workshops affiliated with the TÜV or other certified test centers. We can coordinate and request the seller to submit the car to this check, ensuring that it is available for inspection.

If you decide to have the technical check carried out, the indicative cost is €250 plus VAT, to be paid in advance and regardless of the fact that you will proceed with the purchase of the car after the check.

For new or zero km cars, the parent company’s warranty is valid throughout Europe, starting from the first registration in the country of origin.
For used cars, the German dealer is obliged to guarantee the km, and to declare any damage or serious visible defects that significantly reduce the value of the car.

The more serious the dealer, the greater the reliability that can be placed in the conformity of the car to what he declared at the time of sale.
For cars that are no longer covered by the parent company’s warranty, if the car is not too old, it is possible to take out an insurance policy (optional at the buyer’s discretion, but advisable) which aims to compensate, at least for breakdowns mechanical and electronic, the absence of the mother warranty which has expired due to the expiry of the terms of validity.

Upon your specific request, we support you in purchasing the car you are interested in.

1) You choose the car you like best, and identify the seller through the analysis of search portals; we support you in making an initial screening of the cars based on what is reported in the adverts that may interest you, also providing a cost statement relating to the cars you have selected.

2) We contact the dealers in Germany to carry out an informal check on their seriousness and reliability

3) We verify the existence and regularity of the following documents: Certificate of conformity (COC), the suitability of the registration document and the history of maintenance.

4) We take care of the car purchase transaction on your behalf

5) We provide the export, transport and import service of the car

6) We carry out the procedures relating to the regularization of the chassis with the Italian Tax Office, the registration and registration of the car to the Buyer

7) We take care of the final delivery of the car in your hands

Yes, it is possible to do so by purchasing a temporary export license plate. In this case you will also have the opportunity to personally verify that the description of the property and the state of maintenance declared by the seller comply with the actual condition of the car.

Once you have chosen the car, you can alternatively:

  • Purchase the car independently and rely on IMPORTAMI AUTO for the transport of the car in Italy and to have the right support for processing the related bureaucratic procedures.
  • Or, IMPORTAMI Auto, will carry out the car purchase transaction on your behalf. In this case we will sign a purchase contract between IMPORTAMI Auto and the seller, and at the same time we will prepare a contract between IMPORTAMI Auto and the buyer, which will contain, in addition to the data of the parts and the car, the commitment to transfer ownership of the vehicle owned by the Buyer, the ancillary services offered by IMPORTAMI AUTO to the Buyer and the payment terms for the car.

Of course, we also have the opportunity to register cars that were not created for the European market, therefore without European approval.

In this case we must have the car tested before starting the nationalization.

It’s a slightly longer process and costs a little more, but it can be done.

Both options are available at the customer’s discretion.
In the case of a formalized purchase through IMPORTAMI AUTO, processing of the procedures will be easier.
In the case of a direct purchase on your part, following payment of the car to the owner (dealer or private individual), – with a tracked method – IMPORTAMI AUTO will take care of the transport of the car to Italy and will give you support for processing the related bureaucratic practices.

In this case, in fact, the procedures with the Revenue Agency for the regularization of the chassis will have to be carried out by you personally although with the support of IMPORTAMI AUTO.
In both cases, the cost of commission, transport and registration will be the same for you.

The cost of transport, re-registration and consultancy must be added to the cost of the car, as declared and claimed by the seller identified by you through the search channels we suggest or others of your choice.
• The cost of transport depends on the size of the car and the distance from Turin, where the car is delivered.
• The cost of italian registration depends on the power of the car.
• The consultancy cost for the import service is equal to 4% of the cost of the car (+ VAT), for a minimum of €750 + VAT for cars with a value of less than €18,750.
EXAMPLE consultancy cost calculation:
Cost of the car: €20,000 VAT included
Import consultancy fee: €800 + VAT

Of course, we have the possibility of offering financing for the purchase of the car you wish to purchase.

Financing is never compulsory, as often happens with large Italian dealers.

It sometimes happens that there is a bit of confusion on the topic of whether or not VAT should be paid on a car purchased abroad.

Let us briefly try to clarify.

  • If the car was previously owned by at least a private individual, the VAT on the asset has already been paid and is therefore no longer due, as within the European Union, VAT must only be paid once; regardless of which country the payment took place.

Therefore no VAT should be calculated on the price of the car.

  • However, if the car was previously owned exclusively by VAT number holders (Company, car rental, etc.), the car has VAT displayed.

In this case, the overall price of the car, which you see reported in the car advertisement, is made up of the NET price plus VAT, and the first private individual who buys the car must pay the VAT on the good.

It depends.

  • If the car is fiscally new, i.e. it has less than 6,000 km OR less than 6 months since its first registration, VAT must be paid compulsorily in Italy.
  • If the car is fiscally used, i.e. it has more than 6,000 km AND IS more than 6 months old since its first registration, you have the option of paying VAT at the German rate (currently 19%), rather than the Italian rate (currently equal to 22%).

For this to happen, however, the purchase of the car from the dealer must be made in your name; the dealer will then issue an invoice to you, and you will make the payment transfer for the car directly to his bank account.

Following this, once you have received the car you will have to submit an application to the Revenue Agency of your territorial jurisdiction, to request the unlocking of the chassis, submitting appropriate documentation. Obviously we will follow you throughout the process.

If, however, you prefer to have all the bureaucracy handled by us, and you don’t have the time/desire to interface with the Italian Tax Office, we will purchase the car on your behalf, but we will have to invoice it with the Italian VAT rate, therefore the price of the car you see in the advertisement it will have to be modified to take into account the difference of 3% on the NET price, between the two VAT rates (German and Italian).

Compared to Italy, in Germany there is a widespread good habit of carrying out maintenance services in a very precise and regular manner.
There are also cars with many kilometres, which have always carried out all maintenance operations, which have nothing to envy of many Italian cars with a decidedly lower number of kilometres.
Precisely due to the high number of cars available, the cost of used cars is significantly lower than cars of the same make, model and mileage present in Italy.
The experience gained in the sector over the years has confirmed that cases in which sellers deliver goods that do not conform to the description on the reference sites are rare, even if this can happen as in any remote sale.

Normally the times range from a month to a month and a half.

However, since some of the phases are not directly under our control, such as the times of the Revenue Agency for the regularization of the chassis, or the times of the Civil Motorization for the nationalization of the car, in some cases it may be necessary to take longer .

Of course, IMPORTAMI Auto normally also offers its service to operators in the sector.

What other questions do you have about importing cars from Germany?

My name is Sergio Brovardi; cars and planes have always been my passions; in fact, following this passion, I graduated in aerospace engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin in 2005. I worked for sixteen years, in different fields, in large companies in the aeronautical sector, dealing with preliminary design, aerodynamics, quality, continuous improvement, production and sourcing.

In 2018 I imported my first car purchased in Germany and, eager to start my own business and get away from the reality of large companies, I started helping people import cars for them. So I decided to first found Ippordi Auto, which later became Importami Auto s.r.l.

With Importami Auto we have the opportunity to help those who wish to import cars that they would not be able to find in Italy.

The beauty of managing this business is being able to make the changes needed to keep it up to date, satisfying the wishes of the people to whom we make ourselves useful.

Continuous improvement is what drives us.